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2021, A world of possibilities

At Grupo Gova we share the vision that the world can only be changed through cooperation and solidarity. After a year full of conflicts in the world, a new year renews the possibility of being better and helping those in need. Discover the beauty of Down syndrome in this beautiful project and have a year of purpose.

For years, people with Down syndrome have been looked down upon by society at large because of a misunderstanding of the abilities of PEOPLE with Down syndrome. Thanks to the tireless efforts of new studies and institutions such as the Center for Active Teaching and Learning (CEAA) and Fundación Andrea 3.21, we began to change the paradigm of how people with Down Syndrome should be treated.

On December 3, 2020, International Day of Disability, Fundación Andrea 3.21 presented the calendar “A World of Possibilities 2021”. The mission is to present to society the beauty of people with Down Syndrome and/or intellectual disability, as people full of possibilities who deserve a chance to be better.

 From the activity, the Down Syndrome how it deserves to be approache

In the past, families where a person was born with Down Syndrome and/or an intellectual disability tended to hide them and not make them part of everyday life. Scientific advances have allowed us to discover that this does not have to be the case, but it is up to everyone to be an active part of their inclusion in society.

With the calendar “A World of Possibilities 2021” Fundación Andrea 3.21 in conjunction with CEAA and Grupo GOVA, puts into context the skills and activities that people with Down Syndrome and/or intellectual disability can develop if they have the opportunity to develop as full beings with an independent life. It is from the activity and not from the disability how they should be perceived. 

The calendar seeks to communicate that with proper care, all people can reach their maximum potential and achieve a dignified life and be self-sufficient, especially people with an intellectual disability. The key is not to leave them alone, with everyone's support, they are able to show us how far they can go in their lives.

All people are different, each one has different needs. Fundación Andrea 3.21 promotes personalized treatment for people with Down Syndrome and/or intellectual disability, by creating spaces and channels in which each person receives the treatment that is appropriate for them and exclusively for them.

Creating synergies for an inclusive society

We have already told you about our dream of making Puerto Vallarta the Latin American capital of care for people with Down Syndrome and/or Intellectual Disabilities. We want to build a center of integral attention with the best specialists in each area to encourage their patients to reach their maximum physical, intellectual, affective and labor potential.

Although the dream center has not yet been built, the work done with children in Puerto Vallarta is already a reality. Fundación Andrea 3.21 firmly believes that all those who need attention should be attended to. One of the primary functions of the foundation is to give scholarships to people who need it and that money is not an impediment to achieving a dignified life.

You can imagine that this work cannot be carried out by us alone. Although Grupo GOVA gave a donation of more than 200 thousand pesos to the foundation on the day of the launch of the calendar "A world of possibilities 2021" so that Fundación Andrea 3.21 can continue to grant the scholarships, there is still much to be done.

In addition to showing our sisters and brothers with Down Syndrome what they are capable of, the intention of "A World of Possibilities 2021" is to raise funds to continue giving scholarships to children who need attention to achieve a full life.

You can help our work by purchasing one of the 2 thousand calendars “A world of possibilities” at any branch of Repostería Los Chatos or directly at Fundación Andrea 3.21 (322) 318 1061.

Help us to continue helping and to demonstrate that Puerto Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas is a region full of love and generosity for those who need it. And above all, show that we are an inclusive society and aware that people with Down Syndrome and/or intellectual disability are part of us and can be an active part of our lives.

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