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Maralta was born as a haven, a place far away from chaos, where families get to live in a community. It was born from the idea that housing development must grant future family prosperity. That means that everybody in the community is an investor.



MARALTA is a development of 63 single-family homes and 384 apartments, with wide avenues and green areas, multiple recreational areas that respect nature to the maximum and an urban design that flows in harmony with its surroundings.

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Maralta was conceived as a refuge, a space away from chaos, a family nucleus where one lives in community. It is born from the conviction that in a development the future family prosperity must be ensured; this means that everyone in the community is an investor.


Gova Capital Gains

Since its construction to date, Maralta, along with the proven success of the GOVA GROUP developments, has fulfilled the objective of being a distinguished, high value development that will endure over time.


Maralta is strategically located within the main roads of Vallarta, close to everything important for a full life.

Recreational areas

The residents of Maralta live an integral life, surrounded by large green areas, first generation playgrounds, kiosks and walkways within green areas, which make their life in this subdivision a unique experience.

General development data

447 viviendas

Divididas en 63 casas y 384 departamentos

Espaciosas áreas verdes

Con áreas para correr, árboles y vegetación

Grandes espacios de recreación

Gym al aire libre, área de juegos y espacios para pícnics

    Prototipo Arrecife
    2 rooms
    Dinning room
    1 bathroom
      Prototipo Arena
      2 rooms
      1 y ½ bathrooms

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