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Los Cipreses is a residential development that was created for all those families who were looking for their first home. It was built in a high value area of Ixtapa, Puerto Vallarta, with the purpose of allowing its inhabitants to live in harmony with the environment, while having access to a first estate with all the services and amenities within reach of a few steps.


Privileged location for the first property of hundreds of families.

Los Cipreses is a development made up of 298 single-family homes and ample common areas, with an urban design integrated by horseshoe-shaped sections that generate privacy and comfort. 

It is located in the fastest growing area of Puerto Vallarta, surrounded by all services, which made it an excellent option for hundreds of families starting to build their own estate.




Since its construction to date, Los Cipreses, along with the consolidated success of the GOVA GROUP's constructions, is fulfilling the objective of being a high value, outstanding and long-lasting subdivision.


It is located in one of the main population centers of Ixtapa, Puerto Vallarta and only a few blocks away from sports centers, health centers, school zones and one of the main highways that connect Guadalajara with Puerto Vallarta.


In Los Cipreses our residents have the perfect synergy between a healthy, fun and active life


The investment of hundreds of families is insured with the Sustentable Hipoteca program, with Infonavit services and insuring the value of their patrimony.

General development data

298 homes

Sectioned to generate privacy and comfort.

Privileged location

Close to clinics, school zones and main highways

Large recreational areas

Kiosk, children's playground and fitness park

    Prototipo Cipres
    Communal Facilities

     ● Large green areas

     ● Kiosks

     ● Children's playgrounds

     ● Fitness park

     ● Multipurpose courts


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