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Warm, secure, and exclusive. Cendela is a space where you will feel proud and privileged to belong. The development is part of abundant green areas with multiple recreational zones in a comprehensive urban environment.

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Cendela consists of 225 residential homes where 3 housing prototypes are developed: each capable of meeting the needs of your entire family, connecting them with nature and allowing them to grow in a comprehensive, healthy, high-quality, and exclusive environment.

Know our location

It is located in a highly consolidated area in the town of San Clemente de Lima, just 5 km from the most important junction in Bahía de Banderas, Federal Highway 200, and the road to El Colomo



Cendela will become a home for your family and an investment opportunity that guarantees the appreciation of your heritage.


At Cendela, your security is a pillar for us, which is why we have an entrance booth with controlled access.


Living in an exceptional community with access to all the green and recreational areas that make up Cendela.


Cendela is strategically located within the main thoroughfares of Bahía de Banderas, close to everything important for a fulfilling life.


Cendela has an exclusive Clubhouse with a central pool, terrace, playgrounds, and more.

General development data

225 residential units

Divided into 3 prototypes

Spacious green areas

With jogging paths, trees and vegetation

Large recreational spaces

Tetrix World, interactive park and world of technology.

    118.70 m2 of construction
    2 Levels
    • 3 Bedrooms
    • 3 Full bathrooms
    • Living room
    • Dining room
    • Service area
    • Terrace
      105.24 m2 of construction
      2 Levels
      • 3 Bedrooms
      • 2 Full bathrooms
      • Living room
      • Dining room
      • Service area
        83.59 m2 de construcción
        2 Levels
        • 2 Bedrooms
        • 1 ½ Bathrooms
        • Living room
        • Dining room
        • Large storage space
        • Service yard
        • 2 facade options to choose
        Communal Facilities
        CLUB HOUSE

        Build your own fun. In Cendela you will find an exclusive Club House where you will create unparalleled memories with your family or friends. You can relax on the terrace while reading a good book, or have an outdoor meal in the BBQ area.


        You are part of the great Zitadela community, so you will have access to all the common areas of the complex, where you will enjoy a world of activities for the whole family. The kids will have fun in Tetrix World, you can do homework and enjoy Wi-Fi in the technology park and spend fun afternoons in the interactive park.

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