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Best places to live in Puerto Vallarta

A new year is about to begin, and with it come hundreds of opportunities, if one of your goals is to buy a house in Puerto Vallarta, either to live in it, as a vacation home, or as an investment, you need to be aware of the best areas to live in Puerto Vallarta; if you want to know what they are, at Grupo Gova we will help you find out. 

When you buy a house or apartment in Puerto Vallarta, you will have different benefits, such as warm weather almost all year round, an airport that offers direct flights to other tourist destinations in the country, and also international flights. You will also have the benefits of living near the beach, such as a better quality of life. 

Investing in real estate in tourist places with beaches has a higher profitability since the real estate market is managed in dollars, the properties do not lose their value and the return on investment is shorter compared to other areas of Mexico.

The best areas to buy a house or apartment in Puerto Vallarta

Nuevo Vallarta

In Nuevo Vallarta you will find modernity, luxury, and a great variety of resorts, hotels, golf courses, residential homes, and condominiums that will offer you an integral life, such as: Vitania

Vitania is the first urban center in Nuevo Vallarta; it is modern and versatile, and it also gathers spaces to discover, relax and invest intelligently.
If you are looking for an exclusive area where you have everything within a few steps' reach, Nuevo Vallarta will meet your needs. 

Las Juntas

Las Juntas is a place that has gained popularity in recent years, the capital gain has been on the rise, thanks to its proximity to important points of the city, such as the airport, supermarkets, shopping malls, private schools, universities, and a beach just 15 minutes away. 

If you are interested in buying a house or apartment in Las Juntas, we recommend you to check Grupo Gova's developments. In El Encanto you will find apartments surrounded by nature that offer a relaxed lifestyle, connected with dynamic, modern and intelligent spaces.

We also have Zitadela, a development where you will find an interactive park, Club House and large recreational spaces. 

Fluvial Vallarta

If you are in search of modernity and luxury, but do not want to leave aside the natural environment, you must visit Fluvial Vallarta.

This area perfectly blends nature with modernity, here you will find hydraulic concrete streets and also, all the service infrastructure is subway, which gives the streets a clear and clean appearance.

If you visit Fluvial Vallarta and fall in love with the area, we recommend you to visit Valarte, here you will experience an exclusive lifestyle with the most recent architecture, in its splendor and contemporary design, you will have a comfortable and modern life in the city. 

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The opportunity to invest in Puerto Vallarta is waiting for you, do not miss it! 

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