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Celebrating Grupo GOVA's Success: A Well-Earned Recognition from INFONAVIT

We are thrilled to share exciting news: Grupo GOVA has been distinguished by INFONAVIT with a prestigious recognition in the real estate industry. This achievement not only highlights our commitment to excellence but also celebrates the combined efforts of our talented team.

Why Grupo GOVA Earned This Recognition?

This certificate is the direct result of our ongoing commitment to punctuality and consistency in our employer contributions. By fulfilling these responsibilities rigorously, we have not only created high-quality jobs but also facilitated access to savings for credit and the establishment of a heritage for our workers' families.

INFONAVIT recognizes not only the excellence in our financial performance but also the positive impact we have had on the lives of our employees. By creating a workplace that promotes well-being and development, we have contributed to the economic progress of our communities and the empowerment of the families within Grupo GOVA.

Congratulations to Our Partners, Workers, and Sellers

This recognition would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of our strategic partners, whose vision and support have been instrumental to our success. To them, we extend our sincere congratulations and gratitude. This achievement is a testament to the effective collaboration and synergy we have cultivated together.

To our employees, who contribute day by day with dedication and professionalism, we thank you. This award reflects not only financial performance but also the commitment and passion that each of you brings to Grupo GOVA. Congratulations on this shared achievement!

Special thanks also go to our sellers, whose enthusiasm and dedication have taken our properties to new heights. Your contribution is invaluable, and this award is a recognition of your vital role in our success.

Looking to the Future with Gratitude and Commitment

This recognition is more than a celebration of the past; it is a reminder of our ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation. It inspires us to continue raising our standards and exceeding expectations in every project we undertake.

On behalf of the entire Grupo GOVA team, we thank everyone who has contributed to this achievement. This INFONAVIT recognition is not only a testimony to our success, but also to our dedication to building homes and communities that endure over time.

In summary, this recognition is not only a business achievement, but also a celebration of the people who are part of Grupo GOVA. Congratulations to everyone on this significant milestone, and we eagerly anticipate the achievements that the future holds for us. Cheers to the Grupo GOVA family!

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