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Infonavit Mujer: The Path to Your Own Home

The dream of owning a home is an aspiration shared by many Mexicans. Infonavit, as a financial institution, plays a fundamental role in making this dream and buying a house with an Infonavit credit a reality. Through its various credit programs, Infonavit facilitates the acquisition of a home, whether new or used.

What is the Infonavit Credit?

The Infonavit Credit is a mortgage financing granted to workers who contribute to the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS). This credit allows you to buy a new or used home, build on your own land, or even improve your current home.

How to Get an Infonavit Credit?

To obtain an Infonavit Credit, you must meet some basic requirements, such as:

Having an active employment relationship and contributing to the IMSS for at least 116 weeks.

Having a minimum of 1080 points in prequalification.

Not having an active Infonavit credit

Selecting the home you wish to purchase.

What Can You Do with an Infonavit Credit?

With an Infonavit Credit, you can:

  • Buy a new or used home.
  • Build on your land.
  • Improve your current home.
  • Refinance your current mortgage credit.

Infonavit Mujer: A Program Designed for Women

Aware of the difficulties that women face in accessing a mortgage credit, Infonavit has created the Mujer Infonavit program. This program aims to provide women with greater opportunities to obtain financing and achieve the dream of owning their own home.

Benefits of Infonavit Mujer:

More time to pay off your loan: The age plus the term for paying off the financing can be up to 75 years, five years more than for men.
Fewer prequalification points: A minimum of 1060 points is required, or even less if you already have a positive credit history.
20-point bonus: Women receive 20 additional points to their prequalification score.

How to Access Infonavit Mujer?

To access Infonavit Mujer, it is not necessary to carry out any additional procedures. Just by being a woman, you will receive these benefits when applying for an Infonavit credit.

How Can I Apply for an Infonavit Credit?

  • Go to My Infonavit Account (micuenta.infonavit.org.mx).
  • Choose the credit option that best suits your needs.
  • Prequalify to verify if you meet the required score.
  • Follow the steps indicated on the portal to complete your application.
Grupo Gova: Your Ally in Finding Your Home
At Grupo Gova, we are committed to helping you find the home of your dreams. We have a wide variety of developments for sale in different areas and at various prices.

Also, we offer personalized advice so you can decide the Infonavit credit that works best for you.

Are you ready to take the first step towards your own home?

Visit our website or contact us for more information about our homes for sale and how you can use your Infonavit Credit to acquire them.

Don't wait any longer, make the dream of owning your own home come true!

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