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Notaries in Puerto Vallarta: allies to protect you when buying a house.

Notary public are state officials who serve as impartial witnesses in the drafting of contracts and other legal documents, signature processes and authentication. 

In the case of a property purchase, a notary public supports buyers and sellers in all legal matters related to the closing of the purchase contract. He provides advice on each step to follow and ensures that everything is carried out within the framework of legality. Their participation helps to avoid real estate and economic frauds. 

If you are about to purchase a home and are looking for notaries in Puerto Vallarta, it will be very useful for you to know more clearly what their participation in the purchase process is.

What does a notary public do in the process of buying and selling a property?

Drafting and legalizing the contract

The contract is the most important role in the sale and purchase process. This document legally establishes the rights and obligations of each of the parties (buyer and seller). 

The notary public knows all the clauses that must be included and drafts the contract hastily, so that there are no abuses of any kind in the stipulations. Also, he/she can advise you so that no detail is overlooked and will give you all the information you need to make the buying and selling process as safe as possible.

Check the deeds of the property
The deeds are of great importance, because without them, you cannot prove the ownership of the property.  

The notary public is in charge of checking that the deeds that you are going to receive when you buy a house are in order. Helps you to process the new deeds already having you as the new owner. 

Validate the documents for the granting of mortgages
If you are going to buy the property through a mortgage loan, the notary public will help you validate the documents that are needed, both from the financial institution and from you.  

He will carefully review the contracts and the appraisal of the property. He will also be able to clarify the legal terms related to the debt you will be acquiring through the mortgage. 

Register the property with the Public Registry of Property.
The real estate transaction is not completely legalized until the property is registered in the Public Registry of Property. This activity is the one that formalizes the closing of a purchase and sale process.

The notary public knows the requirements that must be fulfilled to successfully register the property and will take care of it. Also, he will help you calculate the taxes that you must now pay as the owner so that everything is in order also in fiscal matters.  

As you can see, the role of a notary public is essential and of great importance in the process of buying and selling a property. 

Looking for notaries in Puerto Vallarta? At Govacasa you will find them

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