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Pre-sales of real estate in Puerto Vallarta

Frequently, in advertisements on the Internet or on the street, you may come across the concept of “pre-sale apartments”, “pre-sale houses”, “pre-sale land” or similar ads. 

The concept may seem simple to understand, it is a real estate company that starts with the marketing of homes, before they are finished, or have even started the construction process. 

In this blog we will elaborate more on this model of investment in real estate in Puerto Vallarta, we will tell you about the advantages and risks of buying pre-sale real estate and some investment options in Puerto Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas, with the experts in real estate developments in the region.

Advantages of real estate presales

Presale properties are usually in the initial stage of construction, although they can also be in black or gray work, but they are not usually finished. A presale property is an opportunity for the real estate developers to pay for their construction costs.

This also means an opportunity for you. Since they are not finished homes, they usually have a lower cost, between 10 and 30% of how much they will cost when they are finished. Therefore, acquiring a presale home is not only cheaper, but it also means an increase in the value of your property in a very short period of time.

You also have the advantage of choosing where you are going to live. When presale homes are first marketed, there are few units sold, so you can choose a house that is close to the park or has less exposure to the sun's rays. The same with presale apartments, you can determine if you don't want to climb stairs or have the best view of the building.

As we already told you in How to buy a house in Puerto Vallarta, there are different types of financing, depending on the real estate developer, you can defer the payment of your down payment in installments, which allows you to better manage your capital. This way you can plan what you will need before moving in, your furniture, accessories and other matters that will make your home unique and to your liking.

Risks of the pre-sales of apartments 

When you decide to buy a house in presale a contract is made where the time of delivery and the conditions under which the delivery of that property will be made. Waiting for the construction to be completed can be an inconvenience for some. 

Some deliver the homes before the common areas, such as parks, gardens or swimming pools. Another risk when participating in an apartment presale is that you may have to wait longer to use the common areas included with your property.

But the biggest risk, and you should be very careful in such situations, is that the construction company does not comply with the terms of the purchase contract. Either the delivery times are delayed, or the property is not in the previously agreed conditions. 

In addition to thoroughly reviewing your purchase contract, we highly recommend that you do a little research on the builder and who is selling you the apartment or house in presale: Their reputation, their track record in the market or if they have any legal disputes in their history. Don't put your investment in the wrong hands.

Trust the leading real estate developer in Puerto Vallarta

With 8 years in the market, in Grupo Gova, we aim to surround ourselves with professionals in all areas that make up the real estate market to maintain a good reputation with our current and potential clients. You can survey among the experts in the market, and you will notice our effort to comply with the agreed conditions.

We have built more than 3 thousand homes in Puerto Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas in a timely manner. Our hallmark has been to create functional spaces, regardless of the socioeconomic level to which our subdivisions are directed. Homes finished in all details and new installations, in addition to common areas designed to obtain a dignified life in integral homes.

Suppose you are looking to invest in real estate in Puerto Vallarta or Banderas Bay. In that case, we currently have pre-sale apartment developments such as Zitadela, with 1008 vertical homes, divided into 84 condominiums of 3 levels each. In addition, it has large green spaces with endemic arboreal vegetation of the region, an interactive park, and more amenities that make Zitadela an unforgettable experience.

In case you are interested in pre-sale homes and pre-sale apartments, we can recommend two of our current developments. Habitat, which offers a fusion of modernity, design and green spaces, to breathe tranquility and live in harmony. 

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