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The importance of sustainable living

Society and the housing construction groups are becoming more and more aware of the environment and the need to have and offer a better quality of life. Day by day we are faced with traffic, pollution and stress, all this has become common, but it does not have to be like this, in Grupo Gova, we care about your quality of life and to make your home a sustainable, ecological, self-sufficient temple with an incredible design. 

Although this topic has gained relevance in recent years, sustainable housing is not a new concept. Do you know what makes your home a sustainable home? At Gova we will tell you about it! 

What are sustainable homes? 

A sustainable house is considered to be a dwelling that is designed and built following the principles and characteristics of Sustainable Construction. This type of building seeks the maximum possible Efficiency, maintaining the minimum impact on the environment.

Characteristics of a sustainable home 

Efficient location

Sustainable houses are designed based on the natural conditions of the location to make the best use of resources and provide the needs and comfort that the inhabitants require.

The orientation of the house is also very important, as this will determine whether or not you will save a lot of energy. 

Good ventilation

This is a point that not many people are aware of, the advantages of good ventilation will allow you to regulate the temperature naturally, without the need for air conditioning or fans, which in the long run translates into environmental pollution and a large economic expense. 


Sustainable housing is planned and built based on an evaluation of the climate, whether it is cold or warm, so that the best materials can be chosen, energy demands and the environment in which they are to be built are also taken into account. Based on this, the necessary design is made to take advantage of each of the resources such as water, light and wind.

There are thousands of tips for choosing the home of your dreams, at Grupo Gova we are committed to helping you choose the home that combines perfectly with your family harmony. Contact one of our agents, and you can learn more about our sustainable projects.  

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