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What is Integrated Design?

At Grupo Gova, we pride ourselves on being a benchmark in the Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas region, regarding real estate developments. This recognition is the result of multiple actions carried out over the years: the hard work of all our collaborators and the research and innovation processes that we constantly carry out to always stay at the forefront.

When developing in the real estate field, it is always important to be attentive to the new design trends that emerge year after year, but it is also important, above all things, to take into account the user experience, to think of the people who live in the developments, because their well-being is, ultimately, our goal.

That is why we embrace the philosophy of integrated design, a wonderful way of looking at not just construction, but life itself.

Join us to discover it.

Sustainable development: the basis of integrated design

To talk about integrated design, we first have to talk about a very important basic concept: sustainable development. Surely you have heard about it, because the talks about the impact of humans on the planet, the carbon footprint and the efforts we can make to use resources in a more responsible way have intensified in recent years. And that is precisely a direct consequence of the objectives of sustainable development.

According to UNESCO: “The origin of the concept of sustainable development is associated with the growing concern existing in the international community in the last decades of the 20th century when considering the link between economic and social development and its more or less immediate effects on the natural environment. ”.

It states that human development (in multiple dimensions) is closely linked to environmental impact, damage to the natural environment and consumption of resources. Therefore us, as a society, must be aware of this and work on developing models that allow us to grow in harmony with the environment, with the least possible ecological effects, but always increasing well-being in society.

It is a deep subject and we could talk about it for hours, but the most interesting thing about it, perhaps, are the models that have emerged to comply with it and propose solutions, such as integrated design.

 Integrated design and a more human future

Realistically, the integrated design philosophy has been around the world for years. Proof of this are many of the constructions that we find in ancient civilizations or settlements, such as some aqueducts or the way of designing buildings to take advantage of daylight, among others.

In a modern way, integrated design is a subject that in the last decade has gained a lot of ground, since it considers all the necessary aspects to guarantee a full life. It is a holistic way of looking at design, taking into account social, economic, environmental and ecological factors.

Integrated design results in spaces with low environmental impact, but designed for maximum human use: it proposes the creation of communities and shared spaces, accessible, but durable homes and above all else, they offer comfort and prosperity.

At Grupo Gova, we work under this idea and we want to share this philosophy with the world, because we firmly believe that it is the door to a much brighter future.

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