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What is Unamos Crédito? The new way to buy your home!

If you are looking to buy a house in Puerto Vallarta, whether for investment, vacation or to live in it, surely thousands of doubts have arisen regarding mortgage loans, and at Grupo Gova, we are here to help you. 

In the last few years, a new modality has emerged to acquire your house, Unamos Credito, but what is it, and how does it work? 

Unamos Crédito is an Infonavit initiative that allows you to apply for a loan for the purchase of a house or apartment, by joining the credit resources of two beneficiaries, without the need to be married, it allows you to join your credit with that of your partner, parents, children, or even with other people without blood ties, incredible, isn't it? 

Thanks to this financing, people will be able to have access to a home of greater value, closer to their workplaces and even bigger than they had planned, are you interested? Continue reading! 

Benefits of Unamos Credito

In addition to helping you to have a larger patrimony, Unamos Crédito has different benefits such as: 
  • There is no minimum income to apply for credit.
  • You can make payments or cancel the loan early without penalty.
  • The employer's contributions will be applied to pay the loan.
  • In the event of death or total disability, only the beneficiary's loan is covered; the other participants will continue to pay their corresponding loan.
  • The home is acquired in joint ownership, i.e., the right of ownership of the property is divided proportionally according to the participation in the purchase and sale.
  • Those borrowers who have paid their loan will have the possibility of a second loan.

What do I need to apply for Unamos Crédito?

  • Have a current employment relationship.
  • Meet the minimum required score of 1,080 points. 
  • Contribute to the IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institute).

What should I know before buying a home in joint ownership?

Buying a home is considered one of the safest investments, but you may wonder if buying a co-ownership property is right for you. 

  • This can be an attractive idea in some cases. Mainly because it allows you to share the acquisition costs between two or more people, but also the respective benefits.
  • Before embarking on this adventure, research what co-ownership is and what are the rights and obligations that you acquire in the legal field. 
  • Read the deed carefully and, if you have doubts, ask a notary to advise you and explain how your rights as co-owner work, one of our agents will also be able to advise you, click here to solve your doubts. 
  • Each participant will be evaluated individually and must meet the eligibility criteria.
  • And finally, keep in mind that joining your credit future to that of another person is always a risk, so before making a joint commitment, we recommend that you talk about it and get advice, either together or separately.
If you are interested in buying an apartment or a house in Puerto Vallarta, our specialized agents are ready to help you, you can contact them by clicking here or by the following means

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We are waiting for you! 

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