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What is vertical living?

Developments around the world and specifically in Mexico are growing by leaps and bounds day after day, so there is an increasing need to seek sustainable solutions that help us to optimize space and allow people to lead a comfortable life in the home of their dreams. 

In recent years, when buying a house different points are taken into account, the most important: the size of the house, but little by little factors such as location, security conditions, sustainable development and the possibility of accessing a better quality of life have gained weight. 

Vertical living in Grupo Gova

The idea of vertical living is no longer to expand urban developments in width, but to build upwards. A fundamental part of this concept is the integration of social areas. That is why our projects and developments house more than just apartments, but also green spaces, swimming pools, recreational areas and stores. 

Benefits of vertical living

Our projects are a mix between vertical and horizontal housing, both with their perks. At Grupo Gova, we care about your well-being and helping you make the best housing decision. You can contact one of our experts, and they will be able to give you more information. 

Surely you are wondering what are the benefits of vertical housing in Grupo Gova? Here, we will solve it for you! 

Sustainable alternative

By taking up less space, they help reduce the damage generated to the environment by construction. This means that you don't have to eliminate or reduce green areas to create the home of your dreams. At Grupo Gova, we love green areas and recreational spaces, so you can have a healthy coexistence with your family and neighbors. 

Increase your quality of life

Thanks to the ample green areas and recreational areas, we encourage you to exercise, take your pets for a walk and even the coexistence of the little ones to be safer and within everyone's reach. There is nothing like taking a few steps away from your home and having everything you need to lead a healthy life without having to go anywhere else.


In general, vertical constructions have controlled accessibility for a better registration of visitors and greater surveillance of who enters and leaves the development, for the protection of its inhabitants. 


Whether you see them in a hallway, or run into them in some common areas, your neighbors can undoubtedly become friends who keep each other company from time to time, vertical housing is ideal for forming friendships.

In Grupo Gova we have experts that will guide you through every step when you decide to invest in a property in Puerto Vallarta, Banderas Bay or the surrounding areas, you can contact them here We are waiting for you! 


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