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Why choose vertical housing?

Human life is in a constant evolution, needs are changing according to the times in which we live, as well as the ways in which we satisfy these needs. Having a place to live is an ever-present need in our lives, while the way we conceive our homes has also evolved.

With the changes in our lifestyle, most of us live in urban or suburban areas, which limits the space in which housing units can be built. To solve the space problem, two options were created: Suburbs, residential neighborhoods far from urban centers. And vertical housing, residential apartments in areas close to the urban center of the city.

As we explained in our blog on how to buy a house, you have those two options, but today we want to tell you about the advantages of living in apartments in Puerto Vallarta and especially those developed by GOVACASA. We recommend you to read this before making your decision.

Advantages of apartment living

According to the latest population census conducted by INEGI, 8 out of 10 Mexicans live in cities, so there are more and more people in less space. That is why making buildings taller instead of larger is a smart decision to be able to distribute urban populations without expanding the urban sprawl and harming the surrounding environment. 

But in addition to space, there are other advantages to living in apartments or vertical housing.

Lower expenses in the long run.

While buying within the urban area may cost more at first impression, in the long run you save money by spending less money on commuting to places of work, study facilities, recreation and commercial areas that exist within the urban infrastructure.

Better quality of life.

Within the urban area, humans can satisfy our material, psychological, social and economic needs by being close to all the elements to satisfy them. Making it more likely that we will be happy.

More efficient spaces.

Designers of vertical housing know that they have to make the most of the smallest spaces in the units, and they try to make each place within the home serve a specific purpose and distribute them in the best way.

Basic services.

One of the greatest advantages of living in apartments is the ease with which you can access services such as water, gas, electricity and internet connection. Vertical homes are more easily supplied and gain capital gains in a relatively simple way.

Common areas.

Modern vertical housing is developed with an integral and full life for its future residents in mind. They seek to have gardens, recreation and wellness centers, places to meet with the community and facilitate community security.

The best apartment projects in Puerto Vallarta

These are the premises that dominate the vertical housing projects developed by GOVACASA. Regardless of the specific market to which one of our projects is directed, we always seek to provide advantages, but we always seek to give our clients more.

When we sit down to plan our next project, we look for it to be located in an area that promises a guaranteed return on investment for our clients.

In addition to location, our apartments in Puerto Vallarta and Bahia de Banderas are quality controlled by GOVACASA. We make sure to deliver fully finished vertical housing, functional common areas, paved streets and with all the basic services ready to be installed. Any defect at the moment of handing over the keys and our quality control team will not deliver the apartment until it is ready to be inhabited at the moment.

If you wish to acquire an apartment in Puerto Vallarta, we still have available the Centrika project in Fluvial Vallarta and Concept 180 in the Zona Romantica.  On the other hand, in Bahia de Banderas we have units available in our Iyari development in Nuevo Vallarta and in Mezcales the Carima project still has apartments for sale available.

If you want to know more about our projects, you can visit our website. Check GOVACASA's trajectory and find out why we are the real estate reference in the region.

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