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Best 3 Areas to live in Puerto Vallarta | Grupo Gova

Puerto Vallarta has more than 300.000 residents who live full time in this coastal paradise. Like in Riviera Maya, there are excellent areas to live in Puerto Vallarta. Each one has its own tricks and charm. It is important to visit them all before settling for one, either permanently or for vacations.

Therefore, if you are looking for a real state developer to help you stablish yourself in this Mexican city and port, contact Grupo Gova. Our goal is to offer self-sustaining assets that generate future family prosperity. Grupo Gova is already a reference in the region of Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco and Rivera Nayarit.

Best areas to live in Puerto Vallarta

There are three main neighborhoods where citizens often settle to enjoy the laid-back lifestyle of this resort town.

1- Fluvial Vallarta

Fluvial is a promising neighborhood for tourist. It has restaurant chains and stores such as Costco, Starbucks and  many large cinemas around. Since the area is in the far north of the city, the properties here are a bit more affordable due to the fact that they are mainly in the pre-construction and development stages. 

In Fluvial Vallarta you can find Centrika, a vertical development composed of 36 housing units with modern, wide and efficient spaces. It also has views of the mountains, the sea or the city. Innovation in design and quality of construction materials make Centrika and excellent place to live.

2- 5 de Diciembre 

Nestled between El Centro and the Hotel Zone, you'll find 5 de Diciembre, a great area to invest in. This place is quieter than the city center, but close enough to keep you near the hustle and bustle.

Many visitors come here for the big touristic complexes. This is one of the best areas to live in Puerto Vallarta, since it's cheaper to buy goods and properties in this neighborhoods compared to the Downtown area or the Hotel Zone. The place has some of the best restaurants and bars in the city.

Located right in the center of Puerto Vallarta and converted into a modern refuge very close to the Malecón and the beach is Concept 180°. This is a vertical development of 20 homes designed to transform the everyday into something extraordinary. It has a unique design, with an incredible view of the entire bay. It manages to mix contemporary and modern design.

3- Romantic Zone

The Romantic Zone is a place that combines luxury, beauty, heritage, delicious cuisine and true Mexican culture. Here you will find more boutique hotels, restaurants and shows. Being so close to the beach, there are many attractions each night to participate in. Many visitors enjoy the Romantic Zone because Mexican culture is still highly visible.

The proximity to the open air markets make it an excellent place. The neighborhood also offers free Wi-Fi in many places.

Located in the heart of the Romantic Zone, AVIDA is a sustainable housing development where each space was created to adapt to the different facets that make up your lifestyle, guaranteeing maximum comfort for you to vacation or live.

Without a doubt, Puerto Vallarta is a fantastic option for those looking for a vacation, an investment or a forever home.  Contact govacasa.mx/es to help you find the perfect home in Mexico's golden Pacific paradise.

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