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Tips to brighten a house with little light

Tips to brighten a house with little light 

The lack of natural light at home is one of the most common problems, it leads you to a higher light bill, and you may even feel that you are in a not very warm and homely place, don't worry, we will help you to deal with it! 

Neutral tones help create a relaxing mood, of calm and concentration. That's why in Gova Group we will talk about neutral colors when you decorate your home and the use of light that you can get with them.

Neutral home decor, well done, is elegant and aesthetically pleasing. Decorating with neutral colors for an event is also a sure way to make the occasion feel airy, effortless and sophisticated.

Neutral colors are classic and versatile. But creating a cohesive design scheme isn't always as easy as it sounds. Below, we'll show you the truth about neutral tones and offer our tips for creating decor that stands out from the crowd.

What are neutral colors?

Neutrals are shades that do not appear on the color wheel. It can be white, beige, ivory, taupe and any off-white shade you can imagine. These tones will create a sense of tranquility and create the feeling of a larger space.
For home decor, neutral colors can be adapted to any time of the year. But for an event, we think they are especially suited for the warm summer months.

Neutral colors to improve lighting when you decorate your home 

Here are three important points to take into consideration when you want to decorate your home with neutral colors and take advantage of the light:

Mixing warm and cool tones

First, no matter how neutral a shade is, it will have underlying warm or cool tones. Mixing and matching warm and cool can be a challenge, so you should do this with caution.

Understand tone, texture, materials and structure

Second, you shouldn't assume that a neutral scheme is easy just because you're not combining bold colors or patterns. Decorating with neutral tones requires a good understanding of tone, texture, materials and structure.
If you don't incorporate some or all of the above options, you run the risk of creating a scheme that feels dull or bland.

The importance of light

By applying neutral colors, you run the risk of visually diminishing light, so be cautious with this. When you take advantage of light, it improves the mood and even makes spaces appear visually larger. 
Improving natural light conditions has many advantages: Light affects the livability of the house and promotes the well-being of those who live there.

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